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The Vibrant Readers® is an innovative learning centre that strives to deliver the best nurturing for your children to ensure that they reach their full potential in any fields they choose to live by.
We Strive

To be an innovative educational centre that provides integrated and holistic learning.
We believe in


TVR believes that love is the answer to the world’s problems. Said John Lennon “All You Need Is Love”, TVR aims to inculcate love within its people, customers and young children.

TVR never ceases to push the boundaries of learning. Human ability to learn is limitless. We strive to endlessly seek better ways of teaching and learning.

We believe learning without fun is half success. Learning with fun is fulfillment. We constantly look for the FUN in everything that we do, down to the finer details.

If the world is fair people work at their best potential. We realize this utopian vision has its course with the universe, yet there’s nothing that stops us from according the same treatment to every individual who walks into TVR world.

TVR is serious in its sincerity. We tell the truth, we do not embellish what needs to be told. We trust people see through the facts that were told to realize that they have their interests at heart.


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